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Why is E-Commerce Marketing Important?


Be Competitive Online

Over the past year, more e-commerce businesses are appearing online than ever before. With the multitude of online stores launching every day, business owners need to invest in digital marketing to stand out. Nowadays, when someone searches "women's shoes," hundreds of e-commerce companies appear, showcasing the season's latest brands and styles. Do you want your company to compete with the top-performing e-commerce stores? If yes, it is time to consider partnering with an e-commerce digital marketing agency for Facebook ads, Google Ads, search engine optimization, content marketing or other digital marketing strategies.

Gain Online Sales

More online visibility leads to higher sales as more individuals can view your e-commerce site. Continue to grow your sales by increasing your brand visibility on Google, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, SnapChat and many other useful channels. Already have enough sales? Use your marketing tactics to build stronger relationships with your customers and keep them engaged.

Build a Global Brand

The unique aspect of online business is that you can sell to the entire world fairly seamlessly. You no longer need people to physically enter a brick and mortar store, which means that you can access a much larger number of potential customers. Building a global brand takes time, but with a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, you can achieve your dreams of building a recognizable brand.

Increase Customer Retention

You must engage your customers by providing valuable information to remain top of mind with your customer. The more your customers interact with your company and have a positive experience, the more likely they are to spread positive word of mouth. Your brand can consistently interact with your clients through email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and more. Select what kind of digital marketing tactics align best with your goals and watch your customer retention increase!

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E-Commerce Digital Marketing Services

Grow your E-Commerce Store with Full-Service Marketing Solutions


Digital Marketing Strategy

Not sure where to start? Not to worry. Our higher education digital Have you recently launched an e-commerce business and are unsure where to start when it comes to digital marketing? That's where Noetic Marketer comes in. Our team will ask you questions to help you realize your overall goals for your brand. Together, we will develop an effective digital marketing strategy that will result in higher leads, add to carts, and ultimately purchases.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Services

Gain sales quickly with customizable pay-per-click campaigns on Google, Amazon, Microsoft (Bing) and Twitter. PPC ads appear when potential customers search for you, your competitor, or a general product category. Capture customers when they're actively looking to purchase a product as they are more likely to convert!


Social Media Advertising Services

Social media only continues to grow, so e-commerce businesses need to harness their popularity and use it to their advantage. E-commerce businesses can set up a diverse set of ads on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, SnapChat and other channels. Our team uses tracking pixels to track your users on your website, which allows us to launch detailed targeting ads for your audience.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Without visibility, potential customers won't know your brand exists. Appear at the top of a search engine results page by targeting keywords that matter to your company. Our team focuses on on-page SEO, technical SEO, competitor research, keyword analysis, link building, and content creation to deliver top search engine optimization results.


Content Marketing Services

Tell your story, connect to your target audience, and provide them with value through content marketing. Content marketing comes in many forms, such as blog posts, emails, landing pages, social media content and more. Get your target audience involved and excited about your company through content marketing.

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Email Automation Services 

Set up automated emails when people subscribe to your newsletter, abandon cart, make a purchase and more. Our team keeps clients engaged through effective copywriting, sending emails at the best times, and launching properly sequenced email flows.

Who We Are

Noetic Marketer is an e-commerce digital marketing agency located in Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area. The agency serves clients located in Canada, the United States and worldwide. Noetic is composed of a team of strategists, designers, and analytical minds focused on growing your business the way you want.

Over the past few years, our team has created and implemented complete digital marketing solutions for several companies across North America. 

Our e-commerce services include digital strategy consultations, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media advertising, email marketing and content marketing.

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Why Choose Our Higher Education Marketing Agency?

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Specialize in E-Commerce

As an e-commerce digital marketing agency, our focus is to support e-commerce in Canada, the United States, and worldwide. We currently support global e-commerce stores focused on gaining sales, growing their brand awareness and recognition, and developing loyal customers.

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Customized Solutions

We find customized solutions to achieve your e-commerce goals. All e-commerce content and advertisements target your desired audience and budget requests.

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The past year has caused businesses to pivot in a way like never before. More businesses are now online, and companies need new marketing strategies to match their new reality. We are here to help reinvent your e-commerce marketing and provide you with the results you are looking to achieve.

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We understand the importance of high results for an e-commerce business. Grow your leads and conversions with results-driven marketing practices and achieve a high return on investment.

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Professional Level Reporting

All client's online performance dashboards are available 24/7. View your dashboard to see how your e-commerce store is performing and get one-on-one meetings to review the data.

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Complete Budget Transparency

Obtain full visibility on your e-commerce digital marketing spending every month. With no contracts, change your budget requirements as you see fit. 

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Our Higher Ed Digital Marketing Process

1. Discovery

Our discovery session is an opportunity to understand your higher education institutions’ brand and enrollment goals. Tell us about your goals, budget, and vision for your university or college, and we will let you know if and how we can help. The purpose of our discovery session is to make sure our agency is a good fit for your institution.

2. Audit & Analysis

Our team will conduct a thorough audit and analysis of your current digital marketing efforts. We will then perform research on competitors, industry trends, keywords and more to map the funnel. We will also develop personas for the audiences you are looking to target through digital marketing. These personas will help us build an audience for your social media and pay-per-click ads. In this stage, we will determine where the opportunities are for future campaigns.

3. Strategy Development

Together we will devise a strategy to help attain and surpass your enrollment goals, event attendance, and more. In this stage, you will decide which higher ed marketing services you would like to begin.

4. Asset Creation

Our team will develop the content that is needed to make the strategy a success. We are experienced in writing ad copy, creating landing pages, designing visual advertisements, launching chatbots, writing search engine optimized content, analyzing your data and gathering insights from your previous campaigns, and more.

5. Implementation

Ready. Set. Launch. In this stage, your campaigns are prepared for execution. Through our research, strategy development and asset creation, your campaigns will begin for your targeted audiences. All the assets at this stage have been reviewed and approved by you and your team.

6. Monitoring

Our team continually monitors the performance of all running campaigns. Every week, comprehensive paid ads reports are sent to all clients. For SEO clients, monthly reports are sent outlining their SEO health and rankings on Google and other search engines.

7. Optimization

Through in-depth data analysis, improvements are made to your campaigns. A/B tests are finalized in this stage, and campaigns are scaled. The final four steps in our process repeat for constant improvement of your sustainable marketing strategy.

We’d love to work with you…



Do you support all e-commerce platforms?

Yes, we work with clients using Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or any other custom or known e-commerce platform.

What digital marketing channels are best for e-commerce?

There are many platforms that are great for e-commerce businesses. However, we usually recommend starting out with Facebook, Instagram, Google and SEO for best results.

When can I expect results?

It is hard to tell without knowing your unique situation. If you’re starting out, it may take longer than if you’ve been in business for a longer period of time. You can expect to have a fully running marketing funnel within the first month, and you can expect some very early results in first two months, but the learning and optimization is a process which is highly dependent on the current state of your business.

Can you optimize my e-commerce product page?

Yes, we can! Optimizing for conversion rate is one of our specialties.

Is there a trial period?

During the first 3 months of working together, you can cancel the service anytime, with 2 weeks notice. We are sure that if you like us, you will stick around!

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