Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

Increase your lead generation with customized PPC campaigns.

Pay-per-click advertising targets ads to people searching for your product or service. People have a higher intent of purchasing your product or using your service when they perform the online search themselves. The benefit of using pay-per-click advertising is faster sales and more qualified leads for your company.

 Pay-per-click platforms.


Google Ads

Get your company in front of potential customers when they are performing a Google Search. Unlike paying for impressions through Facebook Ads, only pay for results, such as when someone clicks onto your advertisement. Increase website visits, get more phone calls and increase e-commerce purchases through Google Ads.


Microsoft Advertising

(Formerly Bing Ads)

Connect to searchers who do not use Google through Microsoft Advertising. Target ads to potential customers who use Bing, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and other Bing sites. These search options hold a 21.9% share of the Canadian desktop search market and can provide a lot of value for your company.


Twitter Ads

Run Twitter ads to achieve your marketing goals, from awareness to consideration and conversion. Display ads to Twitter users based on the searches they conduct on the platform. Set a bid based on your campaign budget for target specific keywords, interests, events and more.

Pay-per-click solutions.


Search ads

Gain qualified leads through ads that appear to those searching for your product or service.

Display ads

Design eye-catching graphics for banner ads. Show these ads on websites and mobile apps that your target customers visit.

Shopping ads

Use shopping campaigns to drive traffic to your website or local store, promote your products and increase purchases. Shopping ads can appear on the shopping tab on Google Search, next to Google search results, on Google Search Partner Websites and Google Display Network, including YouTube, Gmail and Google Discover.

Retargeting ads

Create retargeting campaigns to reduce the cost-per-click (CPC) of your advertisements. Target visitors who haven’t yet converted, as well as those who are likely to convert again.

Geofencing ads

Display campaigns focused on particular geographic regions (i.e. target people with a 1-mile radius to your business, event, etc.). Segment your PPC ads based on specific target customer locations.

Landing page design

Design and write content for landing pages that link to your PPC ads. Generate leads, track data and encourage conversions through well-designed landing pages.

A/B testing

Test several options of creative assets and copy to increase conversion rates and sales.

Bid management

Strategically increase and decrease keyword bids to optimize your Google Ads budget.

Conversion rate optimization

Optimizing the advertisements is only half of the story. For best results, optimize your website and landing pages to lead to high conversion rates. Doing this will decrease your bounce rate, which is valuable in increasing sales.

The pay-per-click process.

1. Discovery

Together, we will go through a series of questions to understand your organization, your needs and wants and your goals and objectives. We will determine where PPC is valuable for your company’s success.

2. Analysis

Our team will analyze previous pay-per-click data if available. We will conduct competitive research to determine where your company stands relative to its competitors.

3. Strategy development

After performing keyword research, we will create campaigns explicitly targeted to audiences on paid search platforms. A funnel will be developed to ensure a straightforward process in your audience’s journey. Our team will consider your monthly PPC budget for Google Ads and Microsoft ads in this stage.

4. Asset creation

Our creatives team will write engaging copy and design striking landing pages and ads for the PPC campaign.

5. Implementation

The required advertising accounts will be set up, the campaigns will be launched, and the funnel will be implemented.

6. Monitoring

Daily monitoring of the campaigns will be conducted, and a results dashboard will be shared with you weekly.

7. Optimization

Constant optimization will be done to increase conversion rates and lower the cost-per-result and cost-per-acquisition.


We (Tumber Garden Care/Sinovi Masonry & Stonescapes) contacted the company in March hoping to transition our marketing efforts from print ads to online marketing due to the COVID-19 situation and the increase in people being home/online. To say the results have been fantastic is an understatement - we are receiving more quality leads than ever before and wish we made this transition much sooner. From the copywriting, to the landing page/ad design, to their customer service, we've been thoroughly pleased with all aspects of Noetic Marketer.

Garrett EvansSINOVI Masonry & Tumber Garden Care

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Advertising campaigns perform their best with multiple channels. Combining a pay-per-click advertising campaign with a social media advertising campaign provides a higher reach of your target audience.