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Social media continues to dominate our attention, with internet users spending over two hours a day on social media platforms. Social media advertising is the perfect way to get your brand in front of potential customers. Not only does this type of advertising increase brand awareness, but it also leads to higher engagement, resulting in more sales. At Noetic Marketer, we create social media advertising strategies customized to each platform and audience.


Our agency uses the following platforms for social media advertising.

Your company’s advertisements will be strategically placed on the platforms suited to your business’ needs.


Social media advertising services.


Strategy sessions

Develop a successful strategy for your social media advertising efforts. Follow Noetic’s best practices and take advantage of our extensive knowledge of running thousands of paid social media ads.

Graphic design

Design eye-catching designs for all social media platforms. Test the performance of several ad formats at the same time.

Paid advertising

Launch paid social campaigns to build brand awareness, engagement and conversions for cold, warm and hot audiences. A/B test ads for best results, and track and optimize for continuous improvement. Begin retargeting campaigns to reduce your cost-per-action (CPA), remind your customers to convert, and nurture your best clients.


Write compelling copy that will lead your audience to take the desired action. Develop copy for ads, landing pages and more.

Targeted audience selection

Customize ads based on your desired audience’s demographics, psychographics and interest. Reach your ideal audience through geofencing ads to focus on your most valuable audiences.

Activity tracking

Through custom conversions, track your audience activity on your website that originated from your social media advertisements.

The social media advertising process.

1. Discovery

Together, we will go over your organization’s goals, budget and current state of the business.

2. Analysis

Our team will review any social media advertising platforms that your company has used in the past. We will go through your past advertisement data to see what worked and what can be improved. We will complete an audience analysis to develop a persona to focus on for your social media ads. Finally, we will conduct an industry analysis and a competitive analysis to determine where your social media ads can compete with others.

3. Strategy development

We will determine which platforms your company should be advertising once the analysis is complete. The ads will be aligned with the media that your audience spends the most time using. All ads will follow the user journey stages set out in our funnel.

4. Implementation

We will set up advertising accounts on the necessary social media advertising platforms. Our designers will create the graphics needed for the ads, and our copywriters will finalize the copy to be used. We will set up the systems to allow the ads to be tracked, including Facebook pixels, UTM tracking codes; our ads specialist will then launch A/B test ads on their respective platforms.

5. Monitoring

Our team will study the performance of the advertising campaigns on each platform. We will send your company a weekly ads report highlighting the number of new leads or purchases, click-through rate, cost-per-result, etc.

6. Optimization

Our ads specialists will optimize and adapt the ads copy and creatives to ensure ads are performing at their best.


I've worked twice with Noetic, and Andres and his team are fantastic. I've tried out other companies for Facebook ads before, I've considered even more, but Noetic is the first one where I felt confident enough to pull the trigger and then was happy with the results. I'll also mention that I threw Andres' team into a difficult situation and they stretched every which way they could to accommodate me and make things happen. They went way beyond what I expected (perhaps beyond what they should have) in order to not just deliver the contracted services, but to get the results I wanted.

Josh Steimle7 Systems of Influence

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Social media advertising helps build your company’s brand image. It also drives a lot of traffic to your website leading to increased sales. Finally, use social media to monitor your customer’s behaviour and learn what influences them to visit your site.