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Social media management is an essential marketing aspect for business owners who want to build strong brand awareness online. More than ever, social media platforms have transformed the power of community around brands and according to WebFX, 74% of people now use social media when making purchase decisions. 

Having effective social media strategies allows you to showcase your business’s products or services in captivating ways, and with active engagement, you can build a memorable brand that cultivates a loyal and passionate audience and consumer base. At Noetic Marketer, we assess your online presence and develop dynamic social media strategies for the platforms best suited to your business. We also create innovative content for your target audiences while adapting to industry research and trends. 


Noetic Marketer provides social media management for the following platforms.

The platforms suited to your needs will be strategically managed to captivate and create a strong connection with your audience.

Social Media Management Features.


Strategic Planning by Platform

Social media platforms have individual algorithms and target different audiences. Therefore, each one requires a unique strategy to effectively engage with their individual users. We will assess which platforms are right for you and then develop successful strategies for your business.

Account Creation & Profile Optimization

If needed, our team will create accounts for the platforms best suited for your business. This includes drafting biographies, entering company information, and uploading brand assets (logos, photos, banners, icons, colours, etc.), ensuring your accounts start with a consistent and professional brand identity.

Account Audit & Branding

If you currently utilize social media platforms for your business, we will conduct an audit and strategize profile optimization opportunities that match your marketing goals. We’ll then undertake these optimizations, ensuring a cohesive brand is portrayed across all platforms.

Content Creation

Whether you are promoting a product or service, sharing informative news or updates on your business/industry, or sparking conversation with your audience, content creation is the key factor of your social media presence. Keeping in mind your social media goals and strategy, we will create visually appealing images, graphics, and videos that align with your branding and captivate your audience. Alongside the visuals, we’ll draft written copy to meet the intended goal of the post while keeping key advertising principles in mind.

Scheduling & Publishing

Ensuring the content created is reaching your audience, we utilize content calendars and publishing software to update your platforms at consistent and optimal times, ensuring impressions and engagement are maximized.

Research, Analysis & Algorithm Optimization

Each platform provides business accounts with insights on their audience and content. We will conduct research and analyze platform data to ensure content is consistently resonating with your audience. In addition, using the right hashtags play a critical role in creating organic impressions and increasing reach. Utilizing relevant hashtags are pertinent to shaping your posts and overall account within the platform algorithms. We conduct general hashtag research based on your brand, industry, and competitors to implement hashtag best practices per platform.

Community Management

Our main goal in social media management is to assist you in creating and growing a loyal community that highly engages with your content. We accomplish this by engaging and maintaining audience interaction through comments, responses, direct messages, sharing, and liking.

The social media management process.

1. Discovery

Together, we will go over your organization’s goals, budget, and current state of the business.

2. Audit & Analysis

Our team analyzes your current online presence, which platforms you are using, your online strategy, and target audience to determine which online platforms will benefit your business the most.

3. Strategy development

We will develop a strategy that fits your goals and budget. This can range from deciding the optimal social media platforms, who the ideal target audience is, what messaging to use, what visual elements will drive the most engagement or how to position your social presence to deliver the best results.

4. Digital Set-Up/Optimization

Once we have a set strategy, our team will either set up platforms or optimize your current ones to match your marketing goals. With fully optimized platforms, you’ll be able to target your audience more effectively and gather better results.

5. Content Creation

We will begin creating visual and written content that aligns with your branding and overall goals for your social media platforms. Whether that be showcasing products, services, programs, information, or something else altogether, we will create content that visually presents information in an eye-catching way and draft copy that encourages engagement.

6. Implementation

Once content has been approved, we will utilize scheduling tools to begin publishing across your platforms over an agreed timeline.

7. Monitoring & Engaging

Our team will monitor your platforms to ensure accounts are operating accordingly while also maintaining engagement with your followers.

8. Reviewing & Optimizing

We will review your posts and insights to determine what type of content resonates with your audience most. We’ll then optimize future content to further increase post performance.


“Noetic Marketer has been a joy to work with! They are professional, responsive and hard-working. We have a lot of experience working with marketing companies but we can confidently say that this has been our best experience to date. All their work is of extremely high quality and done accordingly to agreed deadlines.”

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