Case Study

Tumber Garden Care

Increase your leads by over 100% with digital marketing

Tumber Garden Care provides a full-service garden care experience for homeowners. Enjoy your wonderfully maintained and uniquely customized garden beds every day of the year.



Tumber Garden Care has over 40 years of experience transforming their clients' outdoor spaces into breathtaking gardens. The garden care company specializes in garden and planter design, garden maintenance, seasonal cleanup, winterization and plant health monitoring. With over 100 awards earned in the last decade, you can trust Tumber to create the most immersive and charming garden experience.

The challenge.


Tumber Garden Care approached Noetic Marketer when they were struggling to generate the volume of leads they wanted. Organic marketing and traditional sources weren’t generating the amount of interest they needed to grow their company.

Scope of the project.

  • Timeline: May 2020 - October 2020

  • Services: Social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising, Facebook ad design, landing page development, conversion rate optimization

  • Goal: Increase service bookings

The approach.


Tumber Garden Care knew they didn’t have the experience or skills to run their digital marketing campaigns, so they turned to Noetic Marketer to achieve their marketing goals.

With the help of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, the company could target their ideal clients in the locations they wanted to serve.

Final Ads-Sample work-TumberGarden-NoeticMarketer.jpg


Retargeting-ads- TumberGarden-NoeticMarketer.jpg


Final-Landing Page- TumberGarden-Noetic Marketer.jpg



The strategy.


Noetic Marketer conducted an industry analysis, a competitor analysis and reviewed Tumber Garden Care’s current marketing state to determine which digital marketing tactics could be implemented. We determined that Google ads and Facebook ads were the most effective first step for the company through research and budget discussions.


Social Media Advertising

Noetic developed Facebook ads campaigns focused on people who have interacted with Tumber Garden Care, and those who had never heard of the company before. Our team optimized all ads frequently, and delivered results on a weekly basis.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Our team launched Google Ads to target potential customers who were looking for garden care services online. Through several Google Ads campaigns, we built Tumber Garden Care’s lead generation list to help them achieve their goals.

Facebook Ad Design

The Noetic design team created eye-catching visuals that displayed Tumber Garden Care’s service offerings. We developed numerous cold-traffic and retargeting ads for audiences to engage potential customers in a personalized experience.

Landing Page Development

A Our designers and content writers developed a standalone webpage to inform potential clients about the benefits of using Tumber Garden Care for their gardens. With one sole call to action, visitors could fill out a form and receive their free quote.


The results

In implementing a digital marketing strategy, we achieved the following results:


Surpassed client acquisition goal by 25%



Increased bookings by 50%



Increased leads by over 100%



“To say the results have been fantastic is an understatement - we are receiving more quality leads than ever before and wish we made this transition much sooner. From the copywriting, to the landing page/ad design, to their customer service, we've been thoroughly pleased with all aspects of Noetic Marketer. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to increase their online presence.”

Garret EvansTumber Garden Care


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