Case Study

UNIQ Dimensions

Surpass your marketing goals during a global pandemic

UNIQ Dimensions is a building measuring company specializing in marketing floor plans, architectural as-built, and building area analysis. The company's mission is to provide a unique experience for its clients while delivering accurate measurements that establish credibility for their properties.



UNIQ Dimensions is a Toronto-based company that uses high-end laser technology to develop accurate measurements for all real estate marketing, engineering and design, and asset evaluation needs. The team of experts prides itself on being a reliable and reasonably priced service that delivers measurements with fast turnaround times.

The challenge.


UNIQ Dimensions needed to take their marketing to the next level to gain more customers. With COVID-19 taking away all opportunities for in-person marketing, the company needed to determine where to focus its marketing efforts.

Scope of the project.

  • Timeline: June 2020 - Ongoing.

  • Services: Social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising, Facebook ad design, landing page design and content creation.

  • Goal: Increase leads for UNIQ Dimensions measurement services.

The approach.


The founder of UNIQ decided that putting their marketing budget into digital marketing was the best move forward to cope with the changes that COVID-19 inflicted on in-person events and meetings.

UNIQ Dimensions used to focus on tradeshows. However, with tradeshows, not everyone is there to see you, and not everyone is your target clientele. The founder wanted to go with a digital marketing agency to target their clients in a more specialized way. Digital marketing was also a budget-friendly option that can bring the necessary results.

Final Ads-Sample work-UNIQ-NoeticMarketer.jpg


Retargeting-ads- UNIQ-NoeticMarketer.jpg


Final-Landing Page- UNIQ-Noetic Marketer.jpg



The strategy.


The new strategy included focusing on a robust retargeting campaign through Facebook and email marketing to create urgency and promote the program's value.

The team at Noetic Marketer used several digital marketing tactics to carry out the strategy for the Ottawa DMC campaign. These tactics used included social media advertising, email marketing, Facebook ad design and landing page design.


Social Media Advertising

The Noetic team developed and launched several Facebook ads for those interested in UNIQ's diverse range of measurement services. We included various audiences and copies in the campaigns to determine the ideal client.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Our ads specialists launched several campaigns; each focused on a different service that UNIQ provides. We optimized all ad groups to ensure the effective use of the client's budget for the results required.

Facebook Ad Design

Our expert designer created countless visuals to portray the services that UNIQ offers. We redesigned all ads when the client rebranded the company.

Landing Page Development

Our team developed creative copy and actionable designs for UNIQ's landing page. The customized landing page allowed for dynamic landing pages to fit whichever ad a client clicked, thus giving the client the ultimate brand interaction. Similar to the Facebook ads, we updated all landing page content to include the rebrand.


The results

We were able to achieve the following results for our client:


Surpassed marketing goals by 145% during a pandemic



Grew online leads by 400% in one year



Doubled bookings in one year



Achieved a landing page conversion rate 223% above industry average



When I was working with another agency, I believed they had a '1 size fits all' strategy. Working with Noetic, they tailored the marketing to my needs & budget. They were quickly able to understand the business, what we do & what we stand for. Overall it has been a great experience working with the Noetic team.

Luis MoralesFounder of UNIQ Dimensions


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